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Cedar Rose Johnson is a folk/pop singer-songwriter and guitarist.


Recently, Cedar wrote 4 songs for the new BFI accredited feature film, ‘The Moment Trap - The Lennon Dream’ she also released a single in 2021 called ‘My Open Heart’.


Cedar says how “I feel so lucky to have grown up in and around music my whole life…I’ve been in a recording studio with world-renowned Jazz musician Julian Marc Stringle! How cool is that?!” 


In 2021, Cedar had a 30-minute zoom call with KT Tunstall: “I don’t think I’ll ever stop going on about that to be honest…she was so lovely and kept saying that she loved my voice…obviously I tried to act cool about it but I don’t think that came across very much!”


In 2022, Cedar released her song "I Love Love You". She wrote the song after she found a clip of her mum singing with her when she was younger. It's one of the only videos Cedar has of her mum which Cedar has said makes this song so special.

Cedar released 'Hopeless Kind Of Love' along with a video that she shot in just 4 hours at her old secondary school


In November 2021, Cedar released ‘My Open Heart’ along with a touching video that tells the story of the dreams we have for love, connection, and commitment that we hope will last forever...what can often transpire when things are unfortunately not as they seem, especially when one heart is open and the other is not.


In 2021 Cedar had a 30-minute chat with KT Tunstall on zoom, where she shared invaluable knowledge. 

Cedar has spoken before about how she “grew up listening to the likes of KT Tunstall and Joni Mitchell and I now really resonate with their musical styles - “listening to music by these artists really inspired me and makes me want to pick up a guitar and join in!”


In 2019, Cedar wrote and performed 4 songs for the feature film ‘The Moment Trap - The Lennon Dream’ which was released in 2021.


Early Life

Cedar began her career in the entertainment industry at just 5 years old as part of the Snip and Clip children's choir as well as doing live shows as one of the characters.


Cedar continues to work closely with world-renowned clarinet player and family friend Julian Marc Stringle.


In 2010 Cedar’s mother, Julia, died after a 6-year battle with breast cancer. “I had so much love and anger and sadness and I didn’t know what to do with it. Suddenly whenever anyone mentions the word ‘Mum’ the whole room seemed to turn and face me, people don’t know what to say…which I understand…I didn’t know what to say, or do, or feel…so I started writing songs…”


“My Christmas lists were filled with every instrument I could find in the Argos catalogue…tuba, saxophone, violin, grand piano…literally anything… on two separate Christmases I got a violin and a guitar”


Cedar’s father Steven A. Johnson released a Christmas song, Santa’s Beard, in 2007 and Cedar appeared in the music video for this, she released her own version of the track onto her social media in 2020.


In 2014 Cedar was featured as a voice over artist in a book in the Winnie The Witch series.


Cedar was chosen to take part in the ‘Non-Violence UK’ musical showcase in 2018 where she performed three original songs and spoke about what Non-Violence means to her.


Cedar’s work with charities continues through to her work within ‘Jedidiah UK’, a charity set up by Cynthia Stroud with a goal to “give food to anyone who needs it”. Cedar is a trustee at Jedidiah, which was set up during the first COVID-19 Lockdown to supply food to people who need it and has continued providing this support to families all over the UK.


A quote Cedar often repeats is from her Great-Grandmother: “You can always bend down in the street and pick up nothing” She has mentioned before that she “has no idea what it means, but it sounds good…and it gives you a feeling…”

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