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Just a little gin-fuelled post ;)

I started secondary school in 2012 and I remember wanting to take part in literally every activity and opportunity there was: joining every club; sports team and taking part in the school drama productions. I am very similar now in that I have a lot of different projects going on at once!

I used to have so so much fun doing the school productions each year! (some more than others... :/ ;) )

I then stayed on to my school's Sixth Form, studying Sociology, Photography and Film Studies.

So many hilarious memories were made in Sixth Form in such a short space of time…one of which being when ‘Reggie the Magpie had somehow flown in and trapped itself inside the sixth form block one break time. Of course, dozens of sixth formers soon gathered around, predicting the fate our new-found feathered friend…No one predicated that two site team members, Matt and Mr Warne, and Mr Grinter would soon be faced with the task to capture and release the Magpie! I never thought I’d see my physics teacher throw a lab coat in the general direction of a Magpie, only to be thrown off course by the aerodynamic structure and velocity of said lab coat…Eventually, with the support of Mr Warne’s net behind him, Matt safely captured the crow and released it back into the wild.

I left school in 2019 and, after seven brilliant years, I made my way straight from the classroom to film set (which was so exciting)! In the summer of 2019, I worked on my first feature film, ‘The Moment Trap’. The film was written and directed by my Dad, I feel so fortunate and so grateful to have grown up in and around film and music production as it is something I’d love to build a career in.

I began helping out on the pre-production elements of the film in 2018, helping out with prop design and creation, as well as some casting! The film shoot began in July of 2019 and principle photography was finished by the end of the summer! During the shoot, I took on the role of 2nd AD and was very much ‘thrown in at the deep end’ as I would be working alongside industry professionals whom I’d never met before, doing I job I’d never done before!

Fast forward to 2020 and the film is in post-production! It’s so cool, seeing the film go from a a collection of audio and video files to the first assembly and then to fine cuts of the film! I have continued to be part of the development of the film through writing music. Since quite a young age, I have always had a love for writing songs and putting on a show in the living room…! I suppose I’m similar now, except I write and produce a songs digitally and Airdrop them to my Dad for a second opinion!

I have gained a lot of courage in continuing to do what I really enjoy through support from my family, particularly my Dad. We’re really close and he’ll always tell me when a song may not be quite there…and I do the same for him with his writing too!


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