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Creative Writing in Literacy

I enjoy writing poetry by taking inspiration from photographs that I have taken. "A picture paints a thousand words" is so true and it's really fun to explore all the ideas that come from a singular moment in time.

As well as poetry, I often find myself writing for video or stage production too but I've never been one to enjoy planning things...I distinctively remember avoiding planning essays in school and just 'going with the flow' during exams in the hope that something goods comes out of it - and more often than not it does! (thankfully!)

I honestly really don't like writing...the amount of times I have sat down and tried to write, whether it be poetry, film or for stage, I absolutely hate it! It's just so much pressure (that I put on myself) because I never have any idea where it's going or what it's leading to, but I guess that's what makes it so exciting...and the final product can be so rewarding, so on the occasions where I do have the inspiration and patience to write, I try to see it through to something I can share with others!


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