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Happy As A Happy Thing

My great Nan once said: “you can always bend down in the street and pick up nothing” and, to this day, none of us have a clue what she meant!…but it gave us a feeling.

For me, music is about creating a feeling.

Having lived in Hertford my whole life, a big part of my childhood was frequent visits Hertford Theatre and it wasn’t long until I discovered the range opportunities to perform there and taking every chance that came my way; including performing in The Musical Mystery Tour!

I’ve always loved playing around with music and lyrics, writing my own songs, and sharing them with close friends and family.

When I wrote ‘Happy As A Happy Thing’, something felt different about it. It created a feeling that I think is so relevant right now, overwhelming emotions of loss and confusion but trying to stay positive and happy, and look to the future.

We are all experiencing these uncertain times together…but each individual has their own individual experience too, and this can be really quite scary - especially for those who are more vulnerable physically and emotionally.

We are at war with an invisible enemy and our only weapon is solidarity.

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