Vegan Nights is a sitcom that follows Johnnie and Sammie, a couple who have resorted to transforming their failing pub into a vegetarian and vegan-only pub in a last ditch attempt to make a success of their business.

Cedar was directly involved with the production of the pilot episode.


"For me, most accomplished of all was Cedar Rose Johnson...Vocally she was excellent, interaction with the audience was very good and the interplay between her and the other characters was on point. I enjoyed this performance very much and look forward to watching her grow as an actress. Well done."

As well as writing songs for The Moment Trap - The Lennon Dream, Cedar was also heavily involved in the pre-production, shooting and post stages of the making and marketing of the feature.

"It’s 40 years since the murder of John Lennon, a moment trapped in Mickey Sharpe’s mind as he imagines that fateful night. After struggling to live on minimum wage, Mickey decides, "you’re better off being a gangster because you’ve got more of a chance."

John Lennon has now been dead as long as he lived.

Today, we have the ability to trap any moment in time using the technology we hold in our pockets, however, we can only imagine the night of the 8th of December 1980 outside the Dakota Apartments in New York, when John Lennon was shot four times in the back."